How we think and relax will reduce stress. Chronic stress is related to illness, depression, anxiety and unhappiness. Many applications will provide one aspect of stress management but iStress is designed to provide all modes of stress reduction including monitoring, relaxation, positive thinking, humor, and developing an encouraging attitude toward those daily “close encounters of the aggravating kind” that we call stress.

iStress is based on many years of research in stress management and will enable you to learn relaxation techniques, positive thinking, and employ humor and encouraging thoughts to take control of your stress level and emotions. iStress will provide you with a daily/weekly record of stress levels related to thoughts and emotions. By monitoring your stress levels and employing proven techniques of stress reduction you will enjoy a happier lifestyle and be able to take control of your wellbeing and energy.

iStress was developed by professionals who work with individuals under stress in their daily lives. The feedback provided by clients was incorporated into this multimodal program to allow more people to learn adaptive positive coping skills to manage stress.

Also, the more you practice the skills in iStress the more you will reach your goal of significant stress reduction, and a more relaxed life style.


Daily/Weekly Recording of negative emotions and thoughts Cumulative graph of emotions and thoughts  
A Relaxation exercise to produce a calm physical state A module for changing negative thoughts to positive thoughts  
Humor page Encouraging sayings  
Inspirational poem      
Disclaimer: iStress is not intended to be used for diagnosis or treatment of any mental or physical condition. A qualified medical or psychological professional should address questions of diagnosis and treatment.