PsiApps, Inc. is dedicated to developing and providing self-help mobile platform applications for smart phones such as the iPhone. Currently two apps are available for download from iTunes. PsiApps, Inc. offers iPhone apps in the healthcare and medicine categories for multimodal stress management and symptom recording for users taking psychiatric medications, as well as original information on these subjects and links to other resources.


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iStress is a comprehensive multimodal stress management application to teach stress management skills and produce a calm, relaxed life style by teaching relaxation techniques and thinking skills to combat stress and anxiety. iStress is unique in that it includes the use of humor and encouraging sayings to help develop an ongoing healthy life style and stress reducing skills over time.

PsychMeds is an application that enables you to objectively monitor symptoms related to medications prescribed by your physician or psychiatrist. PsychMeds provides a graph of symptoms over time and provides objective information for you and your physician to monitor the effects of medication(s).


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  Daily/Weekly Recording of negative emotions and thoughts Medication List
  Cumulative graph of emotions and thoughts Symptom(s) Rating by Category
  A Relaxation exercise to produce a calm physical state Cumulative Graph for Each Symptom and/or Category Average

A module for changing negative thoughts to positive thoughts

Notes Section
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    Encouraging sayings            
Inspirational poem